Problem dating younger men


Different life goals Everyone has a certain age where they decide to settle down and engage in activities that will only bring long-lasting positivity in their lives.


“They’ve been in long-term relationships, and some of them are even divorced. Younger guys are just , which surveys 5,500 single people each year, 26 percent of women were open to dating men 10 years younger than them or more.“As far as society is concerned, dating younger men is so much more common than it used to be,” she says.“If what you have is a big connection with someone, embrace that.It doesn’t matter how much the two are into each other, it becomes uncomfortable for her if they attend social gatherings and he has to explain that the man in tight jeans who is still looking for a job is not her son or younger brother.

Unless if he is willing to be ‘hidden’ the relationship dwindles with time.

“There’s much less judgment about age gaps in non-heterosexual relationships, because we don’t have the same preconceived notions about what’s ‘appropriate’ and what’s not,” she explains.


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