Rainie yang and joseph chang dating

Jie Xiu's mother Samantha catches trouble at a club, but they sort it out and Jie Xiu's relationship with his mother strengthens.During a celebration at the Farglory Hotel, though, Samantha ends up in the hospital after falling down the stairs.Rainie has been on a roll, from her drama "While We Were Drunk" securing the top spot in ratings bringing in a wave of new endorsements to Rainie's latest album "Longing For" also recently topping the music charts.It was also rumoured that Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang; Rainie's co-star in "While We Were Drunk", is courting her and even broke off with his long-time girlfriend in hopes of winning her heart.Hardworking hotel staff Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) is all set to marry her perfect pilot boyfriend Yi Xiang (Kingone Wang), but he suddenly breaks up with her for another woman.

Kingone reportedly paid a visit to Rainie, when she filmed "Miss No Good" in 2008 and vice versa when the latter supposedly visited the actor when he was drafted for national service.

Some of these might make you have to tell your friends you’ve been cutting up onions…



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    Filming of the 50 episodes took place at the Fountain Studios in Wembley, North London, and the programme began airing in November 2009.

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