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I wish for a lady who would enjoy pottering around my flat naked for my pleasure.Outgoing inquisitive lady needed, to provide and endulge in a particular unique kink.I'm looking for a dicseet black guy in Bristol , I've got a virgin peach tight ass, that needs pounding balls deep from a strong black guy.Love meeting with other dressers and select men , love submissive ones that i can turn into my …As it says in the title I crossdress and I have beautiful feminine soft feet, They are size 9 and i always have my toenails painted.If we're talking harem genre, there are a lot of crappy ones and some good ones (RPG-wise, most of what's out there isn't available in English, as Locke Z said,) but there wouldn't be so many crappy ones if there weren't a lot of people into the premise, so if you do it well I don't think you'd want for an audience.

I've never really liked the idea of "gaming" relationships, either, especially when you're the one pursuing characters.For instance, some people who're interested in high stakes political drama based stories might not be interested in a high stakes political drama based story that's A harem RPG? You can't write a good one because the very premise itself is an example of bad writing.



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