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The video-calling feature in Hangouts will remain intact. When Apple unveiled the video-calling ability in i Phones in 2010, Steven P.

Crystal Dahlen, a Google spokeswoman, said the name Duo conveyed that the app was designed for one-to-one video calling on mobile devices, in contrast to Hangouts, which lets groups of people make video calls over mobile devices and computers. Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, said he had dreamed of mobile video calling since he grew up watching “The Jetsons” and “Star Trek.” Apple later expanded Face Time to work with i Pads and Macs, among other Apple products.

Nick Fox, Google’s head of communication products, said the top priority with Duo was to build a great product and to increase the use of video calling among Android users.

But he added that making Android more attractive to i Phone owners was a secondary motive.

This creates an interesting conundrum for Apple, who is notorious for keeping its App Store as squeaky clean as possible (the Chatroulette app didn't last too long, did it? And while developers occasionally find loopholes for downloading sexy pics and whatnot over AT&T's glorious 3G network, Steve & Co.

When the i Phone maker reported falling sales last month, Timothy D.

Cook, Apple’s chief executive, repeatedly highlighted that the rate at which people were switching from Android-based devices to i Phones was the highest the company had seen.“Our year-to-date i Phone sales to switchers are the greatest we’ve seen in any nine-month period,” Mr.

Google and Apple have battled each other for years for primacy over mobile users.

Apple has proferred its superior devices, like the i Phone.

This is not the first time Google has provided video calling.


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