Simulation dating maker 1

These funds will help us release the game faster, increase the flow of upgrades, and to improve the game’s overall quality.

I'm not sure if this is the right board, but here goes!

I imagine the game as taking place over clear rounds (so it doesn't have to be real-time), but I want it to have a graphical interface.

The trick is, I don't have a lot of programming knowledge or experience.

Feel free to look into the documentation and change the screens.rpy, options.rpy, and files.

The online Documentation goes into more depth on how to get started changing those and is very useful in case you become stuck on remembering which command does what.

The professor graded the program by pushing a certain sequence of numbers onto the stack, then popped a random number, and saw if the last number out was correct.

There was a hash table, but it was extra credit and I didn't bother.


We also made a busywork program that implemented a stack.

To furtherly customize your game follow these links to gain more information about how to actually code the game.


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