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Jun 18, 1945 - Junior Sunday Schools to be organized in all of the larger wards. Dec 10, 1945 - Oneida County mill and elevator burned; loss was 2 12, ()()(). Feb 11, 1946- Curlew Stake was disorganized, Holbrook Ward was given to the Malad Idaho Stake. Jan 27, 1974 - Malad Stake name changed to the Malad Idaho Stake. : ;|: Businesses of Malad 1864 First store organized - Zior^r's Malad Company. Mar 21, 1974 - President Devere Harris called to be a regional representative for the church. Hoops; treasurer- and ex-officio public administrator, John W. First, your partner is going to meet you eventually.When they do, they will immediately compare you to your younger doppelgänger.



() - Electric lights tuiiied on for the first tinie in the I'leasant View Waid church building. 1897 Two roller fiour rrrills, 3 sawmills, brick yard, 5 general stores, bank, drug store, tin stor'e, 3 hotels, restaurant, meat market, furniture and notion store, fruit and woolen goods store, confectionary and tobacco store, 3 saloorrs, 4 blacksmiths, 1 shoemaker-, 1 photographer, 2 physicians, 1 dentist, 4 attorneys, a courthouse and a mine, 10 miles eastwai'd owned by Lucky Boy Mining Company Inc. Feb 13, 1977 - Land purchased for the Malad Idaho Stake park and recreation area. A ,000 courthouse tops a terraced hill and houses the following officials: District Judge D. Standrod; clerk of the district court and ex-officio auditor and r ecorder, D. Davis; probate judge and ex-officio school superintendant, T. Howard; assessor- and ex-officio tax collector, Charles J. Jun 15, 1977 - Flag pole erected at the Malad Idaho Stake building by the stake Primary. Spongberg; cor-oner-, Antone Jensen; surveyor-, Henry R. Mar 27, 1949 - Ground breaking ceremonies conducted for the new stake and ward center.


Feb 11, 1951 - Addition to the Malad 2nd Ward building dedicated by Bruce R. Dec 30, 1951 - The Malad 3rd W'ard met for the first time in the new stake and waid building. Nov 7, 1960 - Washakie Ward made a dependent branch of the Portage Ward. Jan 2, 1966 - Washakie Branch was disorganized, membership given to the Portage Ward.

Aug 10, 1977 - Malad Idaho Stake Genealogical Library oiganized with Harold Jones as the director, Mabel Jones assistant director and fourt-een staff members.


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