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That said, I also do not want a skinny rail or a Barbie either. — Not a Chubby Chaser This line truly sums up your letter best: “I have been open-minded all my life and now I want to make a change […].” The truth is, you were never open-minded.You just didn’t care about a woman’s weight until now.He doesn’t want to feel shamed for eating a big greasy pie and skinny girls are harpies who berate pizza-eaters.

There are certain attributes that are more desirable than others.For some reason, you’ve decided that you’ve “paid your dues” in the dating game by dating chubby gals and now you “deserve” more of a prize girlfriend for your past nobility. You don’t rack up points by dating women you feel are less desirable so that you can cash them in later for a bigger prize.You have no more “earned the right to be a little picky” than, say, a woman who has dated nothing but, oh I don’t know, . When you're on top during sex and you're worried his lungs will collapse.

Have you ever read something so bad, so hideously offensive, so inappropriate that you almost want to give it a slow clap just for sheer chutzpah? Damn you, gender roles I'm conditioned to believe in. When you want him to carry you but you know he can hardly lift paper. You can't wear his boxers to bed because they're super tight and uncomfortable. I swear they're children's boxers but he'll never say. His boy T-shirts fit you really well, so you can steal them (and not just for sleeping). I know we're together and he constantly tells me I'm super hot so that's probably my answer but ...


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