Software updating for palm treo 750


Also similar to the 680, the Treo 750 has larger thumbboard buttons and larger “action” buttons just below the screen that correspond to the soft buttons on the screen.Turning the device on and off is done by the right-most hardware button.Though a similar complaint to the 680 is that the buttons are flush, making it hard to distinguish between the power button and the ‘ok’ button without looking at the keypad.In a change from previous Treos, the 750 uses the mini SD card standard.Overall, though, I found the 750 quite comfortable to hold and use.The soft-touch paint kept the 750 from slipping in my (usually cold) hands.

In just using the 750 as a phone, I had relatively normal battery life.

Design The Treo 750 was released about a month after the Treo 680 and shares many the same refinements to the original Treo design.

Despite width and thickness only decreasing by 1 mm and 2 mm respectifully, it feels much smaller in the hand due to the curves of the rear of the device.

When Palm announced that it would be introducing a Windows Mobile handset in late 2005, there was a collective gasp as the company that had always before seemed to want to fly in the face of convention had finally bowed to it.

It was not long after the introduction of that first Windows Mobile Treo, the 700w on Verizon, that people started to say that it had done something with the Windows Mobile platform that other makers had not done: created a usable device that simply met the needs of its users.

However, at the end of the day it is a smartphone that tries to do a lot of things, and does only a few things well.


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