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When the Development Corporation was wound up in on 31 March 2000, it had achieved many of its objectives.

The whole area was unrecognisable from ten years before.

Cardiff Bay (Welsh: Bae Caerdydd) is the area of water created by the Cardiff Barrage in south Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

It is also the name commonly given to the surrounding areas of the city.

Original plans included a grand boulevard (similar to where Lloyd George Avenue is located now) with high-density commercial and residential units straddling both sides.

This would have created significant demand for quality public transport provisions facilitating connections to the new Bay area but public transport was often of poor quality and, but there are now much-improved connections through the Cardiff Bus Bay Car service and rail service from Cardiff Queen Street to Cardiff Bay railway station.


is a distributor road in Cardiff, the capital of Wales.Mermaid Quay comprises a mix of restaurants, bars, cafés, shops and services located on the waterfront.Cardiff Bay was used as the high-tech urban setting for the Doctor Who episode "Boom Town" and the show's spinoff, Torchwood, whose makers deliberately avoided stereotypical portrayals of Wales in order to portray Cardiff as the modern urban centre it is today.Techniquest is an educational science & discovery centre, which also includes a science theatre and planetarium.


Roald Dahl Plass is a large open amphitheatre style plaza frequently used as a venue for carnivals and festivals all year round.As Cardiff exports grew, so did its population; dockworkers and sailors from across the world settled in neighbourhoods close to the docks, known as Tiger Bay, and communities from up to 45 different nationalities, including Norwegian, Somali, Yemeni, Spanish, Italian, Caribbean and Irish helped create the unique multicultural character of the area.



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