Twilight couple dating 2016

But don't worry – seeing as they're not characters in a book or movie, they were still able to stay in touch regardless...

portion of their relationship — even if those elements weren't romantic.


Taylor Lautner was as sidelined IRL as Jacob was in the series.During production, Pattinson got romantic AF, but in the most random sorts of ways — and well before he and Stewart were even dating.Despite how serious a thing it is proposing marriage to someone, Pattinson used to do it all the time.I always say to myself I’m never going to give anything away because there’s never any point or benefit for me." In the Twilight Saga, the big mystery between the characters revolves around who Bella Swan will ultimately end with.

Fans were split (see: Team Edward and Team Jacob), but the narrative ultimately made the final call.It's all very unnatural, which would explain the high termination rate.


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    Season 3 is full of great episodes like "Soulmates" that feel more like stand-alone episodes rather than being part of one extended story.

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