Updating a 1996 spa bathroom dating storm lake

Introduced in 1981 and used in Moen one-handle kitchen faucets launched prior to 2009 and Moen one-handle lavatory faucets launched prior to 2011.The 1225 fits all one-handle non-pressure balanced tub/shower valves as well as Moentrol Moen’s proven standard cartridge designs allow for easy installation and troubleshooting.It was used in all one-handle faucets, except the Posi-Temp shower valve, prior to the introduction of the 1225 in 1981.Currently used as a replacement cartridge for older one-handle faucets.They have also come to enable the design of more compact, sleeker faucet styles prevalent in today's market.Standard cartridges are designed for faucets, Roman tubs and tubs/showers.

A cable TV and coffee maker are standard in every Victorian-style furnished room at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa.

It is not compatible with newer faucets, which are now designed around the 1255 Duralast cartridge.

Brass construction; 180-degree rotation from hot to cold. Repair kit available for warranty issues (Moen part #98040).

O-rings surround the sleeve to seal the cartridge within the faucet.

The cartridge valve stem is the moving piece inside the sleeve that is connected to the faucet handle and changes the mix between hot and cold and sometimes flow.

The economy of the last ten years has changed the way homeowners approach building and remodeling, and one of the changes has been consistently smaller bathrooms.



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