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Vendor verification has implications beyond just performance.With it complete, we fixed dep's final blind spot on whether all of the dependency-relevant information in your project - .The other major addition is this documentation site! Having a single-command interface helped us get by with having only an FAQ, but as time wore on, it became increasingly clear that we needed a comprehensive set of documentation if people were to really feel comfortable with the tool.This site, which is automatically generated from the docs directory within the dep repository by docusaurus, is now that comprehensive source of docs.Time per solving step drops to the (sub-)millisecond range; previously it was on the order of hundreds of milliseconds or seconds.Vendor verification is the notion that ) for Cockroach DB dropped from 120s to 4s in local benchmarking.


In pursuit of algorithmic simplicity, it establishes rules that ask people to prioritize the ecosystem above their own goals, and push unnecessary work on already-stretched maintainers.

On the one hand, we're very glad that the Go team is finally taking dependency management problems seriously.

And there are some profoundly useful ideas in vgo - significant contributions to the dependency management problem space, and ones that our future plans will certainly benefit from.

The big theme of this release is performance improvements.

dep was designed for safety from the outset, because we knew that foundation would let us speed things up later. NOTE: your whole team will need to update at once to this new release, as it results in changes to the structure of that older versions of dep won't know how to work with.These designs are so deeply baked into the toolchain that it will be impossible to use without acquiescing to these rules.



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