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However, once you have a streamlined but manual process, you can then use the built-in Java Script integration to incrementally automate parts of the workflow and integrate its data with external systems.This is how modern agile application integration works.The European Commission’s VAT number validation service is a SOAP-based web service.Its service-oriented API uses XML messages, sent over HTTP.By using our application, all the VAT numbers will be validated automatically.


Add a trigger form with two fields: The Java Script action will then use these two fields as input data to query the validation service.

As well as using public web services, you can develop your own, so you can integrate your workflows with your organisation’s own systems.

You can get started with Signavio Workflow Accelerator without this kind of integration, focusing on coordinating human tasks.

When this process is complete confirmation of validation can be stored on hard disk or sent to any mailbox.

At present it is necessary to verify for each individual VAT number which involves very tedious and time consuming work.With this application, this process becomes automatic, fast and simple.


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