Ventura dating

So I picked it up and played a little bit to get the feel of it. It looked like a decent student guitar and it sounds better than most student guitar I've seen.

When I asked about were they found it, I was told they had bought it in a local shop.

I actually own a Les Paul copy that I wrote a review about, here. Besides no one ever hearing of these guitars, Ventura is a great company that put out fantastic guitars. Today we find more and more brands going in the opposite direction.

Fender guitars used to offer a decent guitar for an affordable price, but now even the Squire line is raising to the upper limits of "affordable".

I like to find used gear and save some money, but sticks, strings, picks, capos, and the occasional pedal will be bough in a local music store.


We are planning movie nights, picnics, potlucks, and participation in local Ventura County events as well. ========================================***Disclaimer: Each individual is responsible for his or her own personal health and safety when participating with VSR group activities.

If the name on the headstock makes no difference to you, then you will appreciate these instruments.


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