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And now, like myself, he's had a second life as an actor.

SR: Downey told me: "We wanted Bill to consider a role in Iron Man, but nobody could find him." Show people are awestruck by your inaccessibility. I take my chances on a job or a person as opposed to a situation. SR: Your Second City teacher/mentor Del Close is a guy I've never read enough about. BM: Well, he was a guy who had great knowledge of the craft of improvisation. Came out of Manhattan, Kansas, and ended up hanging out with the Beats. When you start and the first few lines don't grab and people are going like, "What's this? That's what you have to love" — LINCOLN [from the top of the stairs]: Dad!

BM: And it makes the most amazing juice ever — I always thought Florida orange juice was the best.

But there's one thing I've gotten phone calls about.

We don't actually grow the avocados, but they're next door. [Goes into the kitchen to get a couple of avocados.] Feel those. People don't know: You put a ripe avocado in the refrigerator and they stop where they are.

SR: What are they in relationship to oranges and tangerines? Sometimes you can get into a restaurant where the kitchen is just closing. But the only time it really matters is in the emergency room with your kids. And he's grown as a person, as a man, as a movie director. And he's managed to make the making of movies a real living experience. You could be relaxed in your own skin, but it also meant that you could work endless, ungodly art-movie hours because there was gonna be a meal prepared for you when you're done.


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