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Back to top To send a message to a user who is offline, so that they are notified of it and can read it when they next come online, type the following: /msg Memo Serv SEND nickname message Replace "nickname" with the nickname of the person you want to send the Memo to and replace "message" with whatever you want to send as a message to that person.

For example, if you wanted to send a message to Roomie, you would type: /msg Memo Serv SEND Roomie Hiya, sorry I missed you.

-Memo Serv- Type /msg Memo Serv LIST NEW to list them.

After typing /msg Memo Serv LIST NEW, you will then have all your new memos listed and each is given a number.

We've written up a few pointers for you so you might enchance your enjoyment in chat.

Our aim is to provide you with the help you could want, when you need and we hope that you will find what you need in the list below.


Repeat for all new memos, changing the # to the number of the memo you want to read until you've read all your memos.Using "password" as your password is NOT a good idea ;) If you want to register your nickname via our webchat: Click on "Menu" in the bottom left-hand corner of the webchat Click on "Register Nickname" Fill out the required information (including email) Please note, that although your email address is required to register your nickname via the webchat, it is hidden by default, Kinksters Chat does not use it for any purpose and we will not give or sell your email address to anyone (if you're still uneasy about using your email address, use a fake one : P) Back to top Sometimes, you may want to register more than one nickname.In this case you can group all your nicknames under your main nickname.Maybe we can catch up next time you're on PLEASE NOTE: Your nickname MUST be registered with Nick Serv before you can send a memo and you can only send memos to other registered nicknames.

Back to top When you receive a Memo from somebody, you will get a notificatoin similar to the following: -Memo Serv- You have 3 new memos.

Back to top Although Kinksters Chat already mask part of your IP and hostmask so that others cannot see it or work out where you're from, you may wish to have your entire IP and hostmask masked.



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