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IOException; public class Invalidate Session Servlet extends Http Servlet I am a programmer, a runner, a recreational diver, currently live in the island of Bali, Indonesia. In my app the user logs in and a session is set with a 'Client' object and almost every other page checks for that object.specified in the is the HTTP session timeout managed by the web container.When no resources of the application are touched for the specified time, the HTTP session is invalidated by the container.Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of experience with Websphere WAS, but we did not hear about such an issue yet.Maybe, there is another network component involved that caches user cookies?In the newest Scout version we added a check to avoid the deployment of more than one Scout application within the same server because this is currently not supported by the Scout framework. URLConnection to communicate between UI-Server and Backend (Service Tunnel). Unfortunately the basic Cookie Store implementation by the JRE is a singleton and therefore available only once within the whole JRE.


Mostly programming in Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate / JPA. For example, a user selection might be used to determine the path through future menus or options to display content. A session is a series of requests to a servlet that originate from the same user.Each request arriving at the servlet contains a session ID.Platform Implementor.validate Configuration(Platform Implementor.java:197) at org.eclipse.platform.internal. Platform Implementor.start(Platform Implementor.java:138) at org.eclipse.platform.internal. Platform Starter.run(Platform Starter.java:32) [2017-04-04 ,343] [Thread-151] ERROR org.eclipse.platform.internal.

Platform Implementor start - reqid=27662479976445185 Error during platform startup org.eclipse.platform.exception.

If it's not found then it immediately redirects to the log in page.



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