Who has john mayer dating


It was rumored that many of her song lyrics were actually about him; after all, she was an angsty teen pop star who had been jilted by the bad-boy heartbreaker. Apparently, their relationship over that year was of the on-again-off-again type, but ultimately it seems that Vanessa was the one who ended up hurt.When she came out as bisexual many years later in 2010, many jokes were made that John had turned her gay.They were romantically linked and several media outlets claim that they were also lovers, but Mandy denies it all.They do seem quite opposite; for her part, she says she has only been drunk about 4 times in her life.Holly Williams is famous for being Hank Williams, Jr.'s daughter, but not much else.She did make headlines when she was linked to rocker John Mayer, though.

He's dated like every good-looking girl is Hollywood. Come on now Taylor Swift's latest Break up was Jake Gyllenhaal.Nowadays it seems as if his love life is not as in the spotlight as it was in recent years, but no worry.



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    In short, it is my belief that there is nothing that can be done to cure the issue, short of getting more power and/or speed, or spreading the content around to other folders.

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