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Rachel is an amazing young woman and in the short amount of time I have known her, I have watched her achieve so much. Brittany never ceases to amaze me with what she can achieve. She is training to be a firefighter, and I know she will be an amazing one.

It is such a privilege to have her by my side when I marry her brother.

Growing up, I never had a sister or even female cousins.

When I found out that Brandon had 2 sisters, I was so excited.

Since he has moved back to San Diego, we have gotten to know each other a lot more.

Cara welcomed me with open arms my freshman year of college into a group of friends that did their best to remember to invite me to dinner (usually once they were in the cafeteria).From day one at college, I knew this guy was alright.As a fellow Northwesterner, we bonded instantly, and he quickly became one of my closest friends.What followed was four years of cheap chicken Mondays, Halo nights, and Top Gun themed Halloweens.


I am stoked to have him down in San Diego and a part of this wedding.

He is an all-around great guy to be around, and I am very happy to have him be a part of this wedding.



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