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From Rhymeswithsnitch.com: I have officially resigned as the publicist for Ms.

Pilar Sanders; it became evident that Pilar was providing me with falsehoods, via a multitude of sources and documents that have been brought to my attention.

She wants to be on the show for the experience, and describes herself as competitive.

Actually, Michael Conforto’s girlfriend Heather is someone I came across recently who barely talks about her boyfriend, but they’re not married and could break up any time so it’s not really the same thing as puttin’ a ring on it.

Sadly, all I can say is what a horrific situation Pilar has placed her children in and thankfully, they are safe, well provided for and protected now.

As for the coming weeks, I will continue to forward the appropriate information and documentation to Deion’s camp.

Nobody coached or guided Sanni during the interview process; she freely spoke to three different news agencies on her own accord.


Sanni now continues to reach out to anyone with an ear on the defense of Pilar Sanders.

In addition, Pilar Sanders and Adenike Sanni aka Nikke Sanni [her 'so called' twitter witness] have apparently had a long-standing prior relationship with one another as well. When I first spoke with Adenike Sanni aka Nikke Sanni, it took all of two minutes for her to respond to my question if she would go on the record with her information.



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