Wpf treeview not updating

My App has a Tab Control, Tree View is on one tabpage, the other tabpage has a datagrid, it has some data selected from treeview.When right click an item in datagrid, I want to locate the item on treeview.WPF is really awesome to build reactive applications and data binding is here to push useful information inside of the User Interface.All is done magically and it’s wonderfully simple to create an application without knowledge of the internals of the WPF’s rendering.The children are not the same type as parent items, so I looked into useing a Hierarchical Data Template, but I can't get it to work.I did a little digging and saw some posts that said Tree List View does not support parent child relationships of different types, but then saw another post where someone had defined one, but I can't get it to work.( Does it or doesn't support Hierarchical Data Template?What I have is this: Hi, The Rad Tree List View displays the data in a tree view manner in one and the same table.


My Tree View is bound to an Observable Collection and uses Hierarchical Data Templates. Only when users click a node in tree, a web service call will be sent to get its child items.

This example refreshes only 2nd level items (second condition), might be easily extended of course. What I did, iterate view Model first, send web service request to get A's children, then send another request to get A1's children. Second, search treeview from root and generate Item Containers while iteration.



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